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an overall CAPCOM rating comm!

capcom_rating: an overall CAPCOM rating comm!
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an overall CAPCOM rating community

As the title suggests, capcom_rating is a rating comm specifically based around games developed and/or produced by CAPCOM! We will have general overall personality *and* mirror regular ratings, as well as special overall monthly themes and specific series or individual game themes. Please enjoy your stay here! :)

General Rules for Applicants & Voters
>> NO DRAMA. Rating comms are meant to be fun, so wank and drama will not be tolerated here! If we see it, you will be warned once and then banned if the behavior persists. Rating comms work when members are respectful of one another.
>> With that in mind, use common sense when voting! Take a moment to think about a comment before posting. Don't word your votes in such a way that it would be insulting to others (examples: "You remind me of so-and-so because your nose is so big!" or "I'm voting {X} because you annoy me like they do."). A lot of misinterpretations about votes can be avoided if you think about how you personally would want a vote worded if someone were voting on you.
>> It is okay to disagree with other voters, but keep in mind that there are ways to word a disagreement respectfully (for example, using all caps in a disagreement can be disrespectful or implying that another voter is dumb for voting a certain way is NOT respectful and will result in a warning).
>> If you disagree with a stamp or are just curious about what other character you might see, don't worry! We allow restamps here. We only ask that you wait at least two weeks after you are stamped in a certain theme before reapplying for it.
>> Obviously, only vote CAPCOM video game characters here! XD Lists will be provided in the theme posts. NO CHARACTER OR GAME BASHING WILL BE TOLERATED.
>> You can have a total of two unstamped applications out at a time.
>> We require a certain amount of linked votes on each application, so be sure to vote on the required amount at least when you post. Since we are allowing members to have 2 unstamped applications out at a time, we will ask that you do not recycle links (and we WILL be checking them to make sure). However, we encourage voting whenever you can as rating comms thrive on voting activity!
>> NO SHEEP VOTING! We will require at least a sentence worth of explanation for the vote to count. No one word votes or "I see so-and-so." votes! Everyone likes to see reasoning behind votes, and since others will be doing it for you it is only fair that you give them the same courtesy.
>> Be sure to BOLD your votes! You're allowed to double-vote if you think there are two fitting options for someone, but don't do more than that.
>> Your application will be stamped after you receive 5 or more votes for the same character or your application has been out for over two weeks. In some rare cases, there might be ties...but we will try to avoid them if possible.

Personality & Mirror Rating Applications
REGULAR RATING: Overall Personality
REGULAR RATING: Overall Mirror
THEME 1: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
THEME 2: Genre Theme

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