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19 April 2011 @ 03:01 am
Regular Personality  
Name/Nickname: Diana / Dia; Yunie
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Do you have a gender preference when it comes to your stamp (Male/Female/Don't Care)?: I'd prefer if you sticked with a woman at least in the regular theme, thank you!
Would you like to limit the number of series being considered for this application? If so, please list the games or series you'd like to have voters consider when voting you (please keep in mind that since this is an overall application, you have to have a minimum of FOUR games/series mentioned here...individual series and game applications will be on a monthly theme basis). Or you could just leave this part blank if you don't want to limit voting options.:

Describe your overall personality briefly: I am someone that can be considered mature to a degree and with a lot of opinions about the world. I might show a kind, motherly disposition and even a friendly one but don't ever step on my heels or you'll see my dark side *laughs* I can turn from calm and nice into a sarcastic, angry and annoyed person quite easily. I don't hide who i am nor where i come from nor my background, i am one of the type of persons that in order for others have a better understanding i explain things with topics from my life and such... ok i am rambling a bit *cough* I am very playful but i hate when people touch me, it's a peeve of mine that i share with my mother, i hate physical contact of any sorts during to some past traumas and at times i might get slightly violent and agressive when people approach me in those matters. Taking this aside, i have an avid imagination, i adore to discuss things with others, about the world, people, or just fandoms and such. I am open minded, considered bi and have no problems with it, i'm usually quiet and someone that doesn't get along that well with huge crowds, so i can be seen a bit as an anti social person not that i try to achieve anything with it, i am just a person that gets easily confused with mobs and such. I dunno if i explained things ok by now...oh my ahah
Five Positive Adjectives You Would Use To Describe Yourself With:
Understanding: Usually my friends come up to me with their problems and such and i think that i have an understanding nature, i think it's because i analyse situations, usually i can understand if they're being bratty or if they need a more deep conversation or something of the kind
Kind: I usually don't like to brag, honestly... I think that i earned my kindness from my mother who is the most amazing woman in this world for me, i cherish the world around me and the people in it and i think that i simply think that the world deserves kindness and all
Playful: I have a playful nature i admit, specially when i AM talking to friends, people that i trully trust i feel opening up to silly conversations or playful ones where at times we end up drawing silly stuff to each other or trade icons to match with silly crap we talk xD
Modest: It's a flaw that my best friend finds in me but i think that it suits my qualities i think...Like you can see i can't brag at all, i think that living and talking modestly is part of my nature, i don't feel the need to brag nor to try to behave all high and mighty or Oh look at me i am so badass, dunno, i think that i am a simple person with simple tastes so i'd rather keep my modest nature instead of feeding myself with useless stuff
Honest: It's something that i am and i learned from my best friend Aeria <3 to be honest and frontal no matter who it hurts (it doesn't mean i have to insult others or anything, i don't do that) I say stuff whether it's kind or not, i don't believe in sugar coating because that will never ever help anyone
Five Negative Adjectives You Would Use To Describe Yourself With:
Stupidly modest: Yeah ok Fernando you should read this ahahah. I hate to get compliments, i trully do, it's one of the things that are my trauma, people are never honest when they compliment certain people and because of that i turned a bit cynical so when people compliment me i simply don't hear them, i don't care, i am modest with life, i am modest with the way i speak and i don't have a need to be fed in my ego
Stubborn: I have a darned butthead at times, if i say this is it then this is it, there's no grey lines, it's all black&white, i don't like to be that contradicted when people are being irracional or rude and brutish
Bossy: Another real big problem, i like to boss some people around like my brother, i just think that if a person is behaving uselessly for himself it pisses me off, like why should you waste the entire day on a computer/bed/tv when there's a freaking awesome day out or there are tons of things to do? I hate lazy people so my bossyness comes mostly from this, that and when i see people doing something wrong, my bro takes me as a bossy one for that 8|
Thickhead: In one aspect, once a person steps on my heel, my good opinion is forever lost, it doesn't even matter if a person feels sorry i won't EVER forgive them, it's pretty much like the person is dead to me
Physically Weak: Yes this can't be considered as an adjective but i am known for my crappy health, with me staying ill for long time and staying in bed, this because of some eating disorders from the past but it still affects me nowadays ~
What are some of your likes?:anime, mangas, flowers, artbooks, copics, family, friends, water, mythology, history, economics, english, pretty dresses, fashion, figurines, the smell of the ocean, shells, video-games, kindness, honesty, messy haired boys, Disney movies, copics, graphic making, amv making, going out, movies, hanging with friends, making lame jokes, laughing, role playing, Oc's, sleeping, pianos, violins, beaches, nature, singing, music, romance, novels, books, celtic songs.
...And what are some of your dislikes?:rude people, needles, balloons, hospitals, retarded comments, waking up early, spicy food, being ignored, being mistreated, ruining shoes, too cold or too hot weather, loud and strong noises, nasty smells, being bored, being bossed around, ugly clothes and cosplays, backstabbing and argues
How might others describe you when first meeting you?: They find me stupidly cute for some reason, at least that's how the last persons i first met described me, cute, threatning when wearing a hat (lol, don't ask, anime conventions are hylarious)but usually polite, kind and well chatty i guess

ARE YOU MORE... (feel free to say "neither" or "both" for these questions and try to explain your answers!)
Leader or Follower?: Neither to be honest, i prefer to have my own path and others follow their own, i don't need to sheep behind anyone nor i think it's necessary for others to follow me blindly, i am a human being i also make mistakes in choices
Mature or Immature?:Mature. I've grown with these years into someone grown, even if i like to let out my cutesy silly genes at times i am pretty mature when it comes to matters of the world
Calm or Energetic?: Depends on what. Right now i am stupidly energetic for going to make a photoshoot on thursday with a set like Persona dungeons and such *w* so yeah i'm a mixture depending on what makes me tick at the time
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Realistic mostly, of course i try to have an optimistic view of the world itself because even if things are gloomy we have to remain faithful to the future i believe in that
Reserved or Outgoing?: I am reserved, i trully am but i honestly can't help but to loose myself a little bit when i am with people that i appreciate
Persistent or Laid-Back?: Laid Back, unless it's something that trully makes my brain run like crazy
Common Sense or Book Smarts?: Common Sense, i can't say i am much of a book smart unless it's obvious things
Logical or Impulsive?: Logical, i try to behave logically since impulsively will only drive me to bad feelings and such
Emotional or Stoic?: Very emotional but gradually trying to work on it with help <3
Fun or Business?: Both, there are obvious times for each
Listener or Speaker?: Listener and speaker, i can listen to others but i also like to express my opinions
Alone or With a Group?: In a small group

When it comes to dealing with challenges, you tend to...: Depends on the challenges, i might get really fired up, like OHOH bring it on baby <3
If preparing for a long journey, what would be the first thing you'd want to bring with you?: Someone? It's easier to go on a journey if you have someone by your side even if it's just one person
Would you ever hold onto an item for sentimental purposes even if you had no use for it?: Yeah, i already hold onto my necklace that my mom so kindly made for me and another silver necklace that was my coming to adulthood gift from my granny
What color do you associate with yourself and why?: I associate myself with pink. Pink is a feminine color that has some strength and some softness depending on the gradient and i think that i relate to that simply

Favorite CAPCOM game you've played and why?: Megaman Battle Network series, Street Fighter and Breath of Fire (FFFF amazing rpg *A*)
Favorite CAPCOM character and why?: hm Chaud *blushes* yeah childhood crush all over me u///u he's from Megaman Battle Network which is the game that is my bond with my brother alongside with Street Fighter!
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Noordarklight90 on August 21st, 2011 10:39 am (UTC)
Nina from the Breath of Fire series, specifically her BoF3 incarnation. She's playful and stubborn but goes on to gain more mature qualities as an adult. Kindness seems to be a consistent trait of hers throughout as with honesty.