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01 April 2011 @ 07:37 am
Overall personality, bros.  
Name/Nickname: Kris.
(Not optional!) Post the links to four recent applications you've voted on:
There were only three, and I voted on them all. I'll try not to be a scatterbrain and continue voting.
Do you have a gender preference when it comes to your stamp (Male/Female/Don't Care)?: Don't care. Just don't give me Ada Wong, or I will shoot you.
Would you like to limit the number of series being considered for this application? If so, please list the games or series you'd like to have voters consider when voting you (please keep in mind that since this is an overall application, you have to have a minimum of FOUR games/series mentioned here...individual series and game applications will be on a monthly theme basis). Or you could just leave this part blank if you don't want to limit voting options.: Street Fighter, Ace Attorney, Resident Evil, & Devil May Cry.

Describe your overall personality briefly: Oh boy. Where do I start? I'm kind of all over the place and I'm good at contradicting myself personality-wise. For example, I'm very much confident in my skills and abilities, but not so much as a person. Like, self-worth issues. Still, I'm fast-paced and I do my best not to let anything slow me down, taking most challenges head-on. I've been called a very "chill" person, because... I'm pretty calm. Imagine that. Also, I snark a lot. Really a lot. I put a lot of value in my principles and... well, values; I'd like to think I have good judgment and a good moral compass. In fact, injustices are one of the things that infuriates me the most. Seeing people, places or anything being wronged is one surefire way to get under my skin. And one of the most prominent things about me, I think, is my loyalty. It... really knows no bounds, sometimes, and I take friendship very seriously. Yeah. Is that brief enough? I haven't done one of these in a while. I don't know how to be brief. :|
Five Positive Adjectives You Would Use To Describe Yourself With: Determined, loyal, protective, guarded, calm.
Five Negative Adjectives You Would Use To Describe Yourself With: Self-critical, sarcastic, perfectionist, unforgiving, headstrong.
What are some of your likes?: Jazz, stargazing, sports/working out, hiking, stupid nonsensical songs like Watagatapitusberry, video games, macabre/horror, awesome fight scenes, seafood, old-fashioned diner food, those new Sonic hot dogs.
...And what are some of your dislikes?: Dishonesty, prejudice, cliques, trying to get an achievement on the Xbox for approximately month and failing at it, animal abuse (or any kind of abuse for that matter), the color pink.
How might others describe you when first meeting you?: Either quiet or very assertive. It just depends. Or hell, maybe both. I usually keep to myself, but I don't hesitate to speak my mind or approach others when I need/want to, either.

ARE YOU MORE... (feel free to say "neither" or "both" for these questions and try to explain your answers!)
Leader or Follower?: Leader, but I definitely don't mind taking orders if the leader is competent. I'm just more independent and I like to do my own thing.
Mature or Immature?: Mature, for the most part, but I have my fair share of immaturity. Like making "that's what she said" jokes and yelling at the TV for making me fail a video game. It's clearly the TV's fault.
Calm or Energetic?: A couple months ago, I probably would have said "calm", hands down. And it's true. Like, I said, I'm pretty calm. But I also realized I have a shit-ton of energy and it's the reason for my being restless so often. Yay, insomnia. But seriously, if I'm not doing something, I start going crazy. I do not know how to sit still. /workaholic, maybe
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: I'm a realist who's slowing learning how to be optimistic. Logic always wins with me, but it's not so bad giving a little wiggle room for hope and all that.
Reserved or Outgoing?: Reserved, but not in the shy, mortified to talk to people sense. Just a private person, that's all.
Persistent or Laid-Back?: Very persistent. I started explaining all these anecdotes to display just how persistent, but meh. Just take my word for it.
Common Sense or Book Smarts?: Both.
Logical or Impulsive?: Logical with an (odd?) appreciation for impulse. I'm a pretty cautious person and I rarely dive into anything without looking first, but I believe in following my instincts. They don't usually fail me.
Emotional or Stoic?: Stoic. I'm one of those that believes showing emotion is a weakness. Unless I'm mad. :\ Then I don't care, and I'll be as emotional as I please.
Fun or Business?: Ah... mostly business. Don't get me wrong: I love derpiness and goofing around too, but there's a time and a place for it. I'm super strict about that, especially when it comes to work/school.
Listener or Speaker?: Mostly a listener. I like to talk, but I feel like I'm boring people half the time, so I stick to listening.
Alone or With a Group?: Alone.

When it comes to dealing with challenges, you tend to...: Take them on head-on and full force. Bring it on.
If preparing for a long journey, what would be the first thing you'd want to bring with you?: My cat. Some sort of means of self-defense.
Would you ever hold onto an item for sentimental purposes even if you had no use for it?: Yeah. I have before, and do now. Things that come from cherished people in my life are important to me.
What color do you associate with yourself and why?: That's a good question. ...I don't know, anymore. Before, I had always said gray (neutral, moody, calm), and I still really agree with a lot of the aspects people have presented me with for it. But I also see things like blue (freedom, self-reliance) and maroon (taking action/passion, strength, mystery).

Favorite CAPCOM game you've played and why?: There are so many good ones, but probably Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It's the one that stands out so soundly in my memory. It was my first Resident Evil, if I remember right, and getting chased around by Nemesis was pretty intense. I also distinctly remember being proud that I did all the puzzles myself with no help, including this nightmarish puzzle... I want to say it had to do with switches or water, but it's been so long. I can't remember.
Favorite CAPCOM character and why?: Another tough one, but it all comes down to my all-time childhood favorite: Charlie Nash from Street Fighter. This man is a real All American Hero and one of my reasons for having such a passion for justice. At first, I just liked him for his stage music, but the more I played him, the more I was like, "Wow, this guy is really somethin'!" I wish they'd bring him back.
Breyzy and Yin Girl: Breyzy: *act like a ninja*breyzyyin on April 1st, 2011 08:00 pm (UTC)
Yay, you applied! XD Okay, so I kept going back-and-forth for characters for you (especially some of the RE ones)...but, I'm honestly seeing a lot of Guy from the Street Fighter series (wikia) in your application! Given his story in the SF games, I can actually see Guy being very confident in his skills, but not so much on a personal level...he's definitely a fast-paced character that takes on challenges head-on though. Compared to his best friend Cody, Guy is pretty calm overall (but he isn't above being snarky when he feels it is appropriate!). Guy definitely puts a lot of value on his principles, has good judgement, and a pretty good moral compass. He takes loyalty VERY seriously and would do anything for his friends...and Guy is also a big fighter against what he sees as injustice to others. Your positive/negative adjectives (Determined, loyal, protective, guarded, calm & Self-critical, sarcastic, perfectionist, unforgiving, headstrong.) fit really well for Guy's character in general, and I could see him sharing many of your Likes/Dislikes as well. Either quiet or very assertive is how I imagine most characters that know Guy would describe him as well since he can sometimes be either or both depending on the situation!

I think Guy would be more of a leader if he didn't have his independent streak (much like you!), but he wouldn't be opposed to following someone he saw as competent. He's pretty mature for the most part...but, since he's friends with Cody and given the Super SFIV intro he's been shown to have an immature side as well. Guy's calm but doesn't seem like the type to be able to stand staying still for too long as well...he's a realist and usually likes following logic, but he isn't opposed to hope either. Guy is a very reserved and private character, but not really shy. He's also very persistent; logical-but-follows-instinct; stoic; prefers business; more of a listener; and prefers being alone to being in a group. Guy would deal with challenges that same way you do (Take them on head-on and full force. Bring it on) and, given his role in the SF games, it isn't hard to imagine he'd want to bring something for self-defense when going on a long journey either. I think he'd secretly be the type to cherish something for sentimental purposes...and I could see him associating with the same colors as you do (and for the same reasons too!). ♥
Breyzy and Yin Girl: Yin: ...all we'll carry with us tomorrowbreyzyyin on April 3rd, 2011 03:20 pm (UTC)
Gah, I could see quite a few characters being good fits for you: Chris at times, and Leon especially in RE4 (along with some Jill and Sheva)...but because they tend to change a lot from title to title, I have a harder time thinking of their characters as overall fits for your application. And I was even tempted to say Edgeworth because I could see him A LOT at various points in your application (especially with how you described your personality), though I'm hesitant to vote him for an overall theme as well because of his tendency to look at challenges from every possible angle--especially with his later character development: he's not the type of character to take things head-on and full-force, at least not in the beginning of a challenge when he doesn't know everything.

...And that left me with a few SF characters I could see as well, and truthfully I think Guy is a really excellent fit for you out of those characters. How you described your personality fits for him, and he definitely appreciates/values friendship greatly. Determined, loyal, protective, guarded, calm, perfectionist, headstrong...those are all adjectives that could be used to describe Guy. He can can come across as being either very quiet or very assertive depending on how others interpret him when first meeting him too. Guy is something of a leader but likes to do his own thing, he's rather mature...and, looking through the rest of your "Are You More..." section answers, I feel like I'd probably just be repeating what you wrote there as most of your answers fit Guy's character to a tee too.

Guy is definitely the type of character who would face a challenge head-on and with the full-force of everything he's got initially. He'd want self-defense on a long journey, and he's the type to hold onto some things for sentimental purposes even if he doesn't really address them. I could him associating with similar colors and shades for similar reasoning as you gave as well. Heck, even just how proud you were with getting through the puzzles on your own in RE3: Nemesis without help kind of reminds me of how Guy tends to be more of a lone fighter who likes to challenge himself...and your reasoning for liking Charlie Nash and for having a passion for justice screams Guy's story both in Final Fight and Street Fighter alike. :D
Blue: Devil May Cry 4//Dantebluepunk on April 4th, 2011 04:08 am (UTC)
I really want to vote you as Hutch from the Starsky & Hutch tv show. I don't know why, but you sound SO MUCH like him to me. How incredibly random. It makes me want to hug you, but I won't try for fear of invading your personal space. That, and I'm generally not a very huggy person...anyway...
At first I was leaning towards a Chris Redfield vote. Your overall sense of justice and lack of patience for any sort of cruelty or unfairness really showed lots of favor in his direction, as well as your dedication to the people that you care about (in my eyes he even stayed dedicated to Wesker, clear to the very end simply because he just would NOT let him go) and your hard-working attitude, overall logical and "no nonsense" sort of personality just really put his image in my mind. However, in the end I think of Chris as being a little empty-headed at times, a bit heedless, and generally too emotional to be a perfect fit for you.
It took a lot of flip-flopping between the two, but in the end I wound up choosing Lady as a better fit for you than Chris. She shares a lot of the same characteristics, such as being determined and forthright, relentlessly dedicated to eliminating evil, and headstrong. But she seemed to have a bit more of the stoic sort of personality, whereas Chris just tends to be a meat-headed goof at times. She's a tough and secretive character, executing her business and quickly moving on, only accepting help from others when absolutely necessary (or owed to her in some way). She's a headstrong leader, she's guarded, and she's willing to dive in to any challenge head-first and I think that makes her a fantastic fit for you and the overall personality traits you listed here.
❀neige: minato❝ hand the gun outserah on April 19th, 2011 02:00 am (UTC)
For the information that is provided on Guy i actually think that he is the best suit for your personality as a whole at least what you wrote about yourself,even the part of likes and dislikes suits. I cant really give much of a vote since i'm totally brain dead with sleep, but i believe that the words you have chosen were what made the deal for me, for having a slight just slight knowledge of the type of person you are made it